Weekly Feed: 7 Great Blog Posts for Meeting & Event Planners

There are so many wonderful blogs with great articles for meeting and event planners, I’ve been going through my RSS feeds to find the best ones to share with you. In no particular order, here are seven of my favorites this week:

1. Make it Magic

Joan Eisenstodt, ConnectYourMeetings.com

Meetings industry “Rebel and Pioneer” Joan Eisenstodt waves her imaginary wand and manifests 12 ways to make meetings magic.

Meetings are not inventive. In most cases, they look, feel and are delivered as they always have been. I, for one, get bored at most meetings. Given the opportunity to change anything now and for the future, I’d wave my magic wand and… Read the entire article.

2. Intelligent Design

Jim Ruszala, MeetingsCanada.com

This article focuses on how to create more meaningful and motivational incentive travel programs. The program design hinges on five fundamental points in the planning process.

When developing an effective incentive-travel program, understanding the components that create the ‘wow’ factor for your participants is key. Read the full article.

3. How to Turn an Obstacle into an Asset

Leonard Schlesinger, HBR Blog Network

From Harvard Business Review… why an “Attitude of Gratitude” can lead to happiness – and success.

A popular post on this site…provides a fabulous summary of what makes the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t. But, in our experience, it misses one really important “thing’: Successful people habitually turn obstacles into assets. Read the full article.

4. Use Your Phone’s Camera for Smooth Traveling, Extra Rental Car Insurance

Melanie Pinola,  Lifehacker.com

This falls in the “Why didn’t I think of this?” category – especially useful for frequent travelers.

Your cell phone camera is a great time saver when you’re traveling. Instead of having to write down anything you might need for future reference, just snap a photo. For example….Read the entire article.

5. Site Corner: How Relevant Research Can Support Your Role as an Expert in Your Job

Allison Summers, MICE Exchange

The Managing Director, Site & Site International Foundation shares two great studies that every motivational events professional will want to read and know about.

It doesn’t matter where you sit in this great industry, to be a successful contributor in creating effective, extraordinary and engaging programs it helps to understand what people think, what people want and what people find to be most important. Read the entire article.

6. Four Skills Meeting Planners Will Need as a Result of Virtual Events

Jenise Fryatt,  Sound n Sight

Read this article to learn several skills organizations are now looking for as they hire event planners.

It’s a good thing event planners are flexible, quick thinkers who love to learn because the growing demand for virtual meetings and events will require them to add new skills to their portfolio. Read the entire article.

7. The Social Media Cheat Sheet  [Inforgraphic]

Jeff Hurt,  Velvet Chainsaw’s Midcourse Corrections

Jeff Hurt reminds meeting planners that “like the telephone and email, social media is not going away”.  If you’re wondering where to start, you might want to begin with a handy cheat sheet infographic.

This cheat sheet by Flowtown and Column Five will help you navigate some of the top social media options. While the title says it’s for small business, it applies to all organizations including nonprofits and conference planners as well. Read the full article.

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