How to use social media to market your events – top 5 free resources

Event marketing has evolved – are you up to speed?

There are two key reasons people attend events: educational content and networking opportunities. They turn to social media for the same reasons – shouldn’t you?

Social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter provide a cost-effective way for planners to build buzz, promote their events, reach out to potential attendees, and keep in touch with past conference participants. You’d better get on board – social media marketing is here to stay.


If you’re uncertain how to effectively leverage social media for your events, take heart. There are some great online resources to help get you up to speed – and most of them are free! Here are our top 5 picks:

1) Video and booklet: “The Three Habits of Successful Social Meeting Planners”

One great place to start is with a short video by social selling expert Jeff Molander posted on In “The Three Habits of Successful Social Meeting Planners”, Jeff offers a surprisingly simple, step-by-step way to make social media “put butts in seats”. He shows you how to grow attendance with tools like Facebook, Twitter,  podcasts, YouTube, LinkedIn and blogs. Here’s a hint: Thinking about technology is the wrong place to start.

Watch the short clip and then sign up for the free series of three, in-depth educational videos that follow. Jeff will walk you though, and even throw in a free booklet to complement the videos. To access the free videos and booklet, click here.

2) New eBook from CVent: “Event Marketing 2.0” How to Boost Event Attendance through Social Media”

Cvent, the world’s largest provider of online event management, has released a free eBook that offers practical tips to help event planners effectively market their events through social media. This eBook will help you identify where your target audience interacts online, assist you in developing a social media strategy to boost attendance, and give you practical advice on how to get started. To download your complimentary copy, click on Cvent’s social media eBook.

3) HubSpot Whitepapers and eBooks

HubSpot is another great resource for planners who want to learn more about web-based marketing. This software provider offers dozens of free social media marketing whitepapers and eBooks on their website. Visit to access the materials. To learn the basics, download their “How to Use” eBooks, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for Business.

4) Mashable: ” 7 Ways to Improve Your Event Planning with Facebook”

Mashable is the largest independent online news site dedicated to covering digital culture, social media and technology. In the article, “7 Ways to Improve Your Event Planning with Facebook” a few experts share how they use the world’s largest social network for event planning. Read the article to find out how Facebook can give your next event a boost.

5) Social Media Examiner – “Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle”

Social Media Examiner, the world’s largest online social media magazine, is designed to help businesses discover how to best use tools like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. The website has plenty of how-to’s, videos, reviews, expert interviews and case studies; presented in an easy-to-digest, fun format that meeting and event planners will find useful.  

Start with: “12 ways to market your event with social media”. The trick is to know which social media tools to use and when to use them – this article contains 12 useful tips. After you’ve mastered the 12 simple ways to market your event, it’s time to move on to: “15 ways to bring social media to events”. This article will reveal 15 ways you can infuse social media into your events.

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